Thursday, March 19, 2009

A brand new woman!

Let me introduce you to Grace, the brand new woman. Today she turned over a brand new leaf. The day started as the days do here, with a walk on the beach in the stroller. After chasing a few birds, she wanted to get out of the stroller and run after the birds herself... Ummm.... What? Is this really happening...? So she did... and she ran on the beach in the sand... and she pushed Harper in the stroller, and she ran some more...We had to run back to the house to get some shaving cream (aka. sun-screen) because we hadn't put any on her, as she is always in the shade of the stroller...

Grace and I came back out to the beach and she was so happy! She ran into the waves, let the water splash on her legs, got sand all over her feet, and was happy as a clam! I was in shock and awe and was trying to take as many pictures as possible, until she started running head first in to the waves. I had to throw everything down and run after her so she didn't face plant into the salt water. After her nap, we went out to the beach again with Izze, Papa, Tack, Condo and Harps... She and Papa went out into the ocean, and built sand castles, and chased a few more birds. Grace learned to make a drip castle, which I remember making when I was little. Something happened last night and I am not sure what it was, but I'm glad! It is funny, but I am so much happier and able to relax now that she is having fun. It's crazy how her mood tends to effect (or is it affect?) me sometimes.

Pushing Harper in the stroller

New ruby red slippers....maybe they contributed to the new improved woman... we have a brown pair too....(less than 5 dollars at the crocs outlet :)

Papa helping her build a sand castle.

And Harper is still happy....good baby...

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Rebecca said...

Wow! I have longed for the day my boys would spend time with me on the beach. No one likes it but me :( but I am still holding out hope as they get older. Glad you guys had fun at the beach. Your pictures are super sweet. It makes me miss seeing you guys - hopefully this week!