Monday, March 16, 2009

Guess what we saw... ???

The space shuttle launch! Without even knowing it, we happen to walk on the beach about the time it was set to take off. We were about to walk back in and I noticed this in the sky...I actually thought it was some kind of flare or fire cracker...(I'm an idiot...) but David... who may have gotten the brains in the family said: "No, that's the space ship!" about that time we saw the white booster things fall away and the engines flare up... it was really neat. Never thought in a million years that I would actually witness the space ship taking off.... It wasn't but a few minutes and it was gone, already in space... that's crazy to me.

Here is Harper... the happy one in the family..... She has been sleeping great... all night long...happy unless she's hungry, and then that's a quick fix... I think she likes the beach!

This picture pretty much sums up grace's attitude the last 24 hours or so.. Very whiny and annoying! (Sorry, I'm just a realist...) Nothing satisfies her, she makes a choice and doesn't want it one second later, she screams and cries when it's time for bath, and won't get in the pool. I called the doctor and asked for an antibiotic just in case she has another ear infection or something. She's been in an overall sour mood for sure. It's really trying on my nerves. She even had the most fun 'chasing' birds on the beach this morning (Actually, she in the stroller, me running towards the birds until they flew away, she squealing with delight) and then when we got back to the house, she said that she didn't like it and didn't have fun... Can we say bipolar? I am not sure what to do... even if we took her to Disney world right now, the happiest place on earth...even if she loved it, she would frown and say she didn't. I think that she may be exhibiting early teen behavior. Doesn't this sound just like a 14 year old girl? Disgruntled, tries not to smile and have fun around her family, and an overall sour attitude? Lordy, I hope she gets over this before she actually turns 14. Maybe pink bubble gum medicine will help?!! I hope...

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Chelle said...

Despite Grace's attitude, let's recap: you are at the beach, the weather is nice, the baby is doing great, and you saw a space shuttle. Hmmm, no need to go on. :) Enjoy, and hope Grace snaps out of it!