Saturday, March 7, 2009

Jesus gave me a dime

This morning I went on a walk in this gorgeous weather, by myself! If that wasn't good enough, I found a dime! I love finding money on the ground. Even if it is just a penny, it's like a little gift that I wasn't expecting and don't deserve, and I love it! This morning as I was walking and breathing in the fresh air, dreaming of the beach we will be on in a couple weeks... I looked down (to avoid a pile of dog poop) and there was a shiny dime (don't worry, it wasn't that close to the stinky stuff!) Of course I had to pick it up. As soon as I did, IN GOD WE TRUST popped into my head.

Ummmm.... I don't think I have ever cared or thought about the words printed on money before, but at that moment my mind flooded with thoughts about those words. Isn't it ironic that these words are printed on our MONEY. So many people's motto these days is: In money we trust. The economy is in the toilet and everyone's first thought is 'how can we get more money in the pocket of the consumer, so they will in-turn spend the money and it will stimulate our economy?' It's as if we are trusting in money to save us.

The lack of money can destroy families, communities and individuals. The excess of money can do the same. In the news over the past few months are tragic stories of people committing suicide because they are in over their heads in some kind of money situation. Children die because they are living in poverty and can't afford food, healthcare etc. Just think, robbery, murder, drug trafficking, mugging, car-jacking etc. are likely motivated by money. The number one cause of divorce: money problems. It's crazy, it's sad.

Think of what a different world we would live in if we just looked at our money once in a while. The man who has billions in the bank: he could look at this $1000.00 dollar bill and it would read: IN GOD WE TRUST. If he would just think, yes, it is the LORD who has given me this wealth, and it is in HIM I trust and look to for wisdom in how to spend it.
The single mom with only a few dollars to her name could look at her pennies and they would say: IN GOD WE TRUST. If she would only cling to the promise that YES, God is in control, and it is in HIM she should trust; NOT in these few pennies laying in her hand.

I find it so ironic that there is a message of faith and trust on every piece of currency that flows in and out of this country. How different would this country be if we would just read and embrace the words here. Maybe people would seek answers from Jesus, rather than the bank or the broker.

This little dime brought me back to Jesus this morning. I have been consumed with worry lately over bills that never stop, the state of the economy, and the prospect that things may not be getting better any time soon. But today I am remembering that my trust and hope are in the LORD. We trust in God's economy. I've taped the dime on my refrigerator, hopefully to remind me every day that it is not in this little shiny sliver circle that I should trust, but in God.


Chelle said...

Beautiful post, thank you.

Bri said...

Love this post! It really puts things in perspective. Thank you!