Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I can't get the computer to upload pictures right now for some reason, so that will have to wait...but I thought I'd give a little update. Grace is doing better now that she's got a few doses of medicine under her belt. I've got a few little stories that I don't want to forget...

The other night Grace and I took a special trip over the bridge to get her medicine and some ice cream for dessert. If she ate all her dinner, she was allowed to have an ice cream cone with sprinkles afterwards... Relatively, her behavior was improving and she was being really sweet, and she ate a few bites of everything on her plate. (Which is what I call a good dinner for her). Anyways, that night she wanted to get in her big girl bed at about 7pm and read books, do stickers, color etc. We had been in there playing nicely for a while and I said: "Grace, are you ready for your ice cream..." She gave me a funny glance and smiled and said "YUP."

A few bites into the ice cream she looked at me and said: "Mom, you said I eat ALL my dinner and I get ice cream. I didn't eat ALL my dinner and I still get ice cream..." (said with a little smirk)

B-U-S-T-E-D..... I fumbled around trying to tell her that I was proud of her behavior and that she ate a few bites of everything on her plate, and that's why we were getting special ice cream...I guess I need to watch how I phrase things from now on..... Oops.

Ok, one more quick one, I promise... this post is mainly for my own memory...

Yesterday we were walking on the beach, trying to feed the seagulls some cheerios. (Pictures to come) We found a lone seagull sleeping on the beach. He was thrilled with our efforts to feed him. It was rather windy and I was trying to fix grace's pony tail so her hair wouldn't blow in her face. The bright yellow pony tail holder that Grace had picked out special that day... flew out of my hand and the darn seagull picked it up in it's beak, thinking it was food!

Grace was mortified and thought that the bird intentionally stole her 'pony' and screamed: "Noooooo mmmmmyyyyyy PONY!!!!" as if someone had just stolen her most precious possession. Her feelings were totally hurt that the seagull had done such a thing! Needless to say he got no more cheerios, and I ran down the beach to retrieve the stupid thing from the ocean.

Maybe I can get the computer to upload picts later...we'll see.

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