Monday, September 15, 2008

Conversations with Grace

Edit to add one more:

As Grace is flipping through my Bible:

Me: Are you reading about Jesus?

Grace: Yes!

Grace: Jesus loves me

Me: yes, he does (proceed to sing the song)

Grace: (still flipping) Ooohhhhh, there's Jesus!

Me: Where?

Grace: Right there, right there, right there....etc. (pointing to every page)

Here are a couple of the conversations I've had with Grace over the last few days. I thought I'd write them down because my mind is so crazy these days that I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night. In the event that it doesn't come back, at least I'll have written down some of the funny things Grace says.

In the parking lot walking out of the gym:

Grace: gym fun! Gracie color mama picture

me: do you want to go home now?

Grace: Nope, play more...

me: do you want to go shopping or go home?

Grace: shopping, thank you though...No home yet

(she hasn't really gotten the meaning of thank you though... but it's cute when she uses it wrong..)

The following conversation takes place as she is waking up from nap:

Grace: Hey mama!

me: Hey Grace! Sleep good?

Grace: Sleep good.

Grace:Ooooh-weeee Soakin' wet!

me: Are you soaking wet?

Grace: Little turd in there...

me: Do you have poopy in your diaper?

Grace: Nope, just a little poop ball in there...

me: Oh, Ok, let's get that cleaned up

Grace: Ooooohhh-Weeee Stinky!

(she actually hadn't pooped... so I don't know what this conversation was about)

Conversation before lunch:

me: Grace, what do you want to eat for lunch? Maybe a ham sandwich?

Grace: Oh, thank you though! Yep.

me: Do you want an apple too?

Grace: Ooohhh sure, thank you though!

me: How about some cheese?

Grace: Nope.

me: Ok, I'm going to make you a sandwich

Grace: Oh, thank you mama!

Grace: tootumbers too...

me: Kaaaaayyyyy, cucumbers too.

Takes place after she's launched her snack at me:

me: Grace, that was not very nice. You need to go to time out right now!

Grace: Noooooooo time out!

me: Yes, you will go to time out, I don't like it when you throw your snack at me!

Grace: Noooo time out... Snuggle mama....Snuggle mama

me: It's not time to snuggle mama, you need to go to time out ( I proceed to take her over to the corner. At this point she has the death grip around my neck with her arms and around my waist with her legs)

Grace: so sorry mama, snuggle, no time out....

me:( At that point, what was I to do... I know, a good mom would have put the kid in time out and walked away... but I accepted her apology and then we went on with our day. Ok, she manipulated me... I know it. )

Conversation before bed:

me: Grace, you get to go to school tomorrow!

Grace: Cuuuuulllllllll (Cool)

me: Do you want ham and cheese in your lunch?

Grace: Sure, Kaaaayyyyy. Applesauce too, Cheese too, Chips too...

me: Ok, sounds good. Do you want to read your book about school?

Grace: Cuuuullllll (Cool), Kaaaayyyy. Gracie fall down at school (falling down is a good thing, she loves it) Slide? Play blocks, share blocks... snack... Mama come pick you up....

me: Exactly, you can do all those fun things and then mama comes to pick you up after you wake up from nap!

Grace: Kaaayyyy, Gracie sleep on mat, snuggle leelee's, mama come get you...

me: do you like school?

Grace: like school, school fun...

me: Do you color at school?

Grace: No have colors at school (they do, so I don't know why she says this)

me: Oh, ok, maybe we should brush our teeth and get ready for bed.

Grace: Kaaayyyy, brush teef, snuggle leelee's, go to bed. Thank you mama....

(She is such a thankful child... don't know if she really means it, but she loves to say it!)

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Anonymous said...

This is my favorite blog you've ever written! I can just hear Gracie saying all of these things and it makes me laugh. I was thinking today how cool its going to be to see Grace with her little sister. I think she is going to be an incredible (and possibly very overprotective) big sister!