Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Toenails, Clemson, cats and lots of snot...

Grace will be 2 on Sunday! I can't believe it! So last night we had a little party... a little toenail painting party, that is... She has been really sick since Friday with the worst cold you've ever seen. I think gallons of snot have poured from her tiny little nose. Last night she was feeling a little better, so we decided to paint "gracie toes." She was thrilled with the result.
She had a rough time falling asleep last night, (like 2+ hours of crying) and I think she forgot that her toes were painted. This morning when she saw them, she looked up and said... "Oh, cool mama!"
Her 2 big new phrases are "What's that?" (this one's not technically new, since she's been saying it for a while, but now she wants to know what everything is... so I hear this about 3000 times a day;) and the other is "Oh, cool!"

The second milestone that is about to take place is that she starts school on Thursday! This afternoon we go for the Open House to take her nap mat, school bag, etc... and to meet her teachers. I am a little nervous that the teachers will think I am a bad parent from the get-go because I am bringing my kid with a nasty nose...but I really want her to see her new classroom with Chris and I there, and it's not like we are leaving her or anything. I hope this nose thing is cleared up by Thursday morning so we can actually take her, but if it's not, I guess we'll start next Tuesday... (Any suggestions on how to dry up a nasty, runny nose out there...?)

Now on to other news... We haven't really settled on a name for the new baby... however, Grace and her friend Corbin think they've found the perfect name: Honey Mustard...
Corbin has been saying that the new baby's name should be Mustard for a while now, but last weekend Grace's response to this was "Nooooo...... not Mustard...... HONEY Mustard!" I guess it's a girl, so she was trying to put a feminine spin on it... She's very intuitive like that......

I will blog again soon about the new school thing! I am surprisingly a lot less nervous now than I was a few weeks ago. Now, that may all change once she is dropped off and alone to defend herself in this big, big world (It sounds like I am sending her to the Serengeti...) and Chris calls to tell me that her little eyes were welled up with tears and she was saying "daddy hold you" as he walked out....But for now... I'm OK.

I must also give a lot of love to my parents... They have agreed to let Gus and Lamekkiona (our 2 really wonderful, cute, adorable and loving cats) in their basement until we can find them another home. (*** aaahummm..... anyone looking for a great pet?***) I have cried about these dumb cats a lot, and I miss them not being here, but I know that with 2 kids and 2 cats, our lives might slowly sink into insanity.... Not to mention, that surprisingly Grace's exzema is getting better since they've been out of the house. Much thanks and love to mom and dad for stepping up and taking one (or two) for the team. I really want to find them a great home.....so if any one of the 5 blog readers that I have know of anything, please let me know!

And I'll leave you with a couple of pictures for now... These were taken as we were gearing up for the Clemson/ Bama game, which ended badly.... but at this point, we were all sure that the Tigers would show that they would be the champions of the college football world... and I guess they still could be if they could actually get it together!

I wish you could see the awesome orange and white polka dot earrings I was wearing, if you look closely you can see one squished between grace and I, the other one is flipped around.

This is possibly one of the funniest faces I've ever seen Grace make. That's just how excited she was about the football game.

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Anonymous said...

I keep forgetting to tell you when I talk to you...Congratulations on finding a place for the cats!!! Even if its only temporary it will still help. Frank and Jain to the rescue!!