Thursday, September 4, 2008

Preschool Update

I don't have anymore cute pictures to add, but the school day seemed to go well!

I didn't get a call from the teacher asking me to come get her... always a plus...

And when I went to get her they were still waking up from nap. Her teacher reported that she'd done pretty well; no crying when she was dropped off, and a few times during the day she'd ask for mommy or daddy, but overall she did well! She had a little trouble with nap, but can you blame her.... she's used to a cushy crib with lots of slammy's and a cool fan blowing on her... today they wanted her to sleep on a 2 inch thick mat with only 3 slammy's...? I wouldn't have slept well either...

She was happy to see me when I came to get her, (which always makes mom feel good) and in a great mood. She talked a little bit about what she did, apparently she fell down on the playground, went down the baby slide and the big girl slide and read stories, sounds good to me!

Her school is very near Old Navy, which is her favorite store by far... as soon as we got into the parking lot she said, "Go to Old Navy, get ball." So that's what we did. You see, Old Navy has this nifty huge gumball machine containing thousands of large bouncy balls... This, in Grace's eyes is heaven... They are only a quarter, and well worth the fascination and joy on her face when she gets one! She loves to go through the racks of clothes and either comment... "Cool." Oh my gosh!" or "Cuuuute!"

I think overall, the day was a success! I am curious to see how she does next week. Since it will be 4 days until she goes to school again, I hope she won't 'forget' and it be like her first day all over again. I guess we'll tackle that when it comes! Yea for GRACE!

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