Friday, September 12, 2008

The Magical Birthday Dress

This is the magical birthday dress.
Apparently, everyone should have one because if you do.... every time you wear it, you get a party! Just the sheer act of putting it on, magically organizes, pays for and warrants a party! So for all of you out there who are jealous... too bad, because Grace won't take the dress off.

Today we got together with some friends and had a play date party for grace's birthday. It was so much fun! The second I asked Grace what she wanted to wear this morning, of course, it was the birthday dress. My conclusion is that she fully believes that this dress is solely responsible for the party! Every time she's worn it lately, she's gotten a birthday celebration... and naturally, who would want to take a dress like that off?
After all her friends left today we went upstairs to get ready for nap and she got a new diaper, but was desperately holding onto the collar of her dress. I thought it was hurting her or itching or something, so I sat her up and got out a t-shirt for her to sleep in. Immediately, the world ended. "Gracie dress, Gracie birthday dress! No take off! Gracie dress, mine! More birthday dress! More party!" The last phrase says it all.... "More dress, More party... duh Mom... Don't you know that for as long as I wear the dress people will bring me gifts and I will get special cookies and friends will come over! Why would I want to take it off... are you dumb?"
Right now, Grace is sleeping in the dress and I feel confident that she will wear it tonight and maybe even for a few more days... I think the only thing that will incline her to remove it would be if her diaper leaked and she accidentally got pee on it. Who likes to sit in a pee pee dress...?
Here are a few pictures of the party. I didn't get that many, so here's what I have! Thanks to everyone who came over! We had fun!
PS. I don't know what's up with the size of the font....

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