Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Grace Ann! I can't believe Grace is 2! Thanks to the grandparents, we had such a great birthday weekend!
I had kind of flaked out and not planned anything, you see, my mind.....umm.... where was I......Oh yea, my mind has been slowly disappearing as of late and I can't seem to get it together. But, like I said, thanks to the grandparents... Grace had so much fun, and didn't really know what to do with herself!
Friday night we walked into a "Nemopes" wonderland! The Burton's had Nemo baloons, wrapping paper, Nemo and Dory were hanging from the chandelier and of course a huge Nemo cake! Grace was in heaven. She adores "Nemopes" and thought this set up was just fantastic! She opened presents, which she couldn't get enough of as well and had an overall grand time!Here's the Nemopes cake... Nemopes and Dory had been taken off and licked several hundred times, so they are in the process of being washed.

Saturday night we went over to Izze and Papa's house for another birthday extravanganza. David and Kristin (aka Condo and Tacky) had come in town which was sweet! Again, we had baloons, delicious dinner and yummy cake! Above, grace is loving the new "lip-tick" from Tacky.

Here's a cute shot of the birthday girl in her birthday dress!

Kabobs and rice were the fare of the evening, and not wanting to be left out, Grace took several bites right off the ole stick...veggies and all...I may start serving all her food Kabob style!

I will admit that I made her cake... All I could come up to put on it were pink and brown lady bugs...'s the mind thing....The cake was pretty tiny, just the right size for Grace, as most of the people on this side of the family would pass on dessert anyways... Grace preferred to lick the icing and put it on her face and nose as opposed to eating the actual cake. Cool, right?
We blew out candles 5 or 6 times, because that's the best part of a birthday anyways...?

Sunday, on her actual birthday, we were able to go to lunch with the Songers after church. Above is the infamous "Borbin" which you all have heard about on the blog... Bestest buds, coordinating outfits and all...We went to TGIFridays and they sung to Grace and gave her free dessert! Hey, can't beat that!
Later that evening, we went to dinner with some friends from Alabama, the Tipps... Grace and Barrett had a great time chasing each other around the restaurant. Of course, the woman with so few brain cells, left the camera at home and didn't get any pictures....But we had a great dinner, however bypassed dessert as I was betting that Grace may fall into a sugar coma had we consumed anymore.
Here is a picture of Grace sitting at her new table, playing with stickers last night. She is winding down from a fun filled birthday weekend!
Thanks to everyone who made the weekend so special! (And made up for my shortcomings as a mom!) Grace loved every minute of it!

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Chelle said...

Hooray! What a fabulous birthday weekend!!