Thursday, December 18, 2008

No new news here!

Well, no new news here folks... I did go to the OB on Tuesday, and everything was pretty much the same. I wasn't feeling the baby move as much as is normal, so they hooked me up to the non-stress test machine... It took almost 2 hours for them to see all the necessary heart rhythms that they want to see in a 20 minute period... and the whole time I was having regular contractions. But neither seemed to be too concerning because they let me go home. They kept asking me if the contractions hurt, and my response: "Not really, but I am telling you that they didn't hurt when I had Grace until like 30 minutes before she came out." I am not sure if they think I am lying about my contractions with Grace, but they can look back in the file, people!

My concern now is when do I go in? I have been having regular contractions literally for about a month. No kidding. Only a few out of the thousands I have had actually hurt... but this poses a problem... how do I know when to go to the hospital? My suspicion is that if I just picked a day and went into triage, they would see that I was having regular contractions, and I was dilated... maybe they would keep me...???? I am still debating this idea. I just don't want to be sent home!!!

I have had a lovely last few days. I haven't been confined to the house, I've gotten to cook a meal or two and I've cleaned the house... (well, sort of...) All these things make me feel like me again! I've shopped and gotten Grace a few special things, and have actually gotten to hold her a couple of times. That really does me good....

We did have a tragedy yesterday. "Gracie LeeLee" (which is the only lovie that really mattered to her) was lost. We were at Oprymills shopping, and we lost it in Sun, Ski Sports (or whatever that store is called). I cried more than Grace did. This is a small request, but I am still praying that they find it somewhere under the thousands of racks of coats and call us! She got to pick out a new "Gracie LeeLee" yesterday, but it's not the same. I couldn't sleep last night, and was up in the rec room. I heard Grace on the monitor talking in her sleep: "I don't want new Gracie LeeLee, I want other one..." "I don't want thaaaaat." This conversation went on for a few minutes, but it was so sad. She is really trying to be brave about it when she is awake... but the poor kid is stressing in her sleep about it. Chris said that she ran into her classroom today to show her teacher her new LeeLee... and told her that the other was 'hiding.' Chris said he actually got teary when I told him that the original LeeLee was lost....This would be a Christmas Miracle if they were to call us and tell us they found it. I know it's silly, but I hope they do!

So, besides the LeeLee thing, here are a few prayer requests: That I would know when to go to the hospital, and that I would have peace about the birth...whenever that may be! Thank you so much!

Oh, and here is another funny Grace quote. The other night I asked her to come up to the rec room where Chris and I were... she responded: "But I caaaannn't.... I WAAAYYY too busy learning my name!" (while drawing on her art table in the kitchen)


Chelle said...

Well, my family's motto has always been, "no news is good news!" Will be praying for you all. And, glad you have Grace, what a bright spot...funny girl that one.

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! Corbin and I will be praying that Gracie either finds original Lee Lee or develops a warm attachment to new Lee Lee....or as Corbin inexplicably calls it, 'Lou Lee.'

(I suspect he might refer to Lee Lee as this to deliberately irritate Gracie - it starts young doesn't it!)