Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas picts coming soon...

Christmas picts are coming soon, but we haven't finished all our Christmas festivities yet... so you'll have to wait.
Baby Harper is still inside...I wanted her to stay in past Christmas, but now...I'm ready... I am having contractions that are painful, still all throughout the day and night... and it is so annoying. I am ready for this to be over... If I wasn't in pain, I don't think I would care as much... but I am done with this... So please pray that she will come SOON! Not only because I want to be out of this pain... but also because we really want her to come in 2008, because of all the hospital bills we have already incurred... if she comes Jan 1 or later... we'll have to start all over with another deductible! Yuck!... Maybe she'll come today! .... This is what I've thought for the past several days, so I am not getting my hopes up... but we'll see. I am having a hard time being patient for sure!

Grace is doing well, and loving all the attention she is getting right now. It seems that she is ready for her baby sister to come too... (as ready as a 2.5 year old can be...) She loved Christmas this year, opening everyone's presents! I could have wrapped up toilet paper and toothpaste and she would have loved opening it!

Hopefully we'll have a Harper update very soon~ !

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