Friday, December 12, 2008

Ultrasound update Dec 11

We went for our last ultrasound with MFM yesterday and it went well. I was very apprehensive after last week's visit, and wanted them to review all my films and get the opinion of the doctor who had first diagnosed the problem. I toyed with the idea of calling to ask that all these things be done, but I just prayed about it.

When we got there, we had a tech that we had never seen before, who was very nice. We voiced our concerns to her and after she had gotten the necessary measurements and things that she needed, she asked the doctor to come in and scan the heart herself, as well as talk us through what they saw.

Yesterday the doctor saw that there was still some fluid around the heart, but called it physiologic vs. pathalogic... and measured the actual heart size again, and it was measuring only around 25% of the chest size, which is normal. Harper was being a little stubborn because she had her hand and arm over her heart most of the time, so they could never get a picture of the whole thing, but they saw enough to think that everything looked normal. (Again, the fluid isn't normal, but they don't think it's anything to worry about at this point.)

Baby is measuring around 6 pounds, give or take some... which I am a little baffled by, as I have only gained 8 total. (Lost 4 when I was in the hospital.) The OB doesn't seem to be concerned about the weight gain because the baby looks good. So we'll see. I am praying that she comes soon if she is already weighing that much. I don't really want a 10 pounder!

Doctor G said that if we wanted her to, she would refer us to a Pediatric Cardiologist at Vanderbilt who could take another look before the baby was born and give us his thoughts. I declined only because, at this point everyone is speculating anyways, and ultrasound can't be conclusive... therefore I didn't want another opinion to worry about. Everyone could agree on one thing based on the sonogram, and when the baby is actually born, it could be totally different... so I think we'll just trust and wait.

They tried to examine her feet again, but because it's so late in pregnancy and the baby is squished anyways, there is no way for them to tell if she will have clubbed feet like Grace did. Since her feet looked normal at the 20 week ultrasound, they said that was a good sign that she won't have a problem, and if one is present, it will be slight. (but again, who really knows)

The OB seems to think that when I actually go into labor again that it will be very fast... she has said several times that she hopes I can make it to the hospital driving all the way from Franklin... (that really makes ya feel good...doesn't it?). She still wants me to take it easy, no heavy lifting, and doesn't really feel comfortable about me being alone with Grace. This is kind of hard for me. I totally understand that if I did go into labor or my water broke, and it was just she and I... what would I do... not to mention, not being able to lift her; but there's something about not being able to take care of your own child that is a little discouraging... I am just trying to hang in there and I know it won't be long anyways...

Today Grace had a rough morning, and really wanted me to hold her and meet all her needs... and some of those things I can't do. It breaks my heart when she is crying huge alligator tears saying 'mommy hold you, mommy hold you..." and I can't.... She doesn't totally get it. Again, I need to remind myself... and as my mom says... "She won't remember this when she's married..."

Since we had snow yesterday and people in Nashville can't seem to comprehend driving when there are 2 white flakes falling from the sky... we didn't get home until around 8:45pm... so I haven't really had time to think about all this. I am really content and thankful and peaceful right now, so that is the LORD! Still nervous about the actual delivery... but who isn't I guess.

Oh, and can I add that I was able to go walk around the Goodwill yesterday after my appointment and it was like food for a weary soul.... Oh my goodness, I loved it and I felt a little like myself again. Most people think I am a little off my rocker (and I very well may be...) but I love The Goodwill... or any thrift store for that matter... and I love going alone and searching every aisle and finding every good deal in the place...! It's cheap therapy...

And I have one more funny from Grace: She picked up a new phrase at school yesterday.... It's a little above her age category in my opinion... I remember being obsessed with this word when I was probably in second grade, but she's got it down pat... and uses it in correct context might I add... Here's the word: "NOOOOOOOTTTTT" as in "I'm tired......NOOOTTTTT" "You're cute..... NOOOOOTTTTT" "I silly........NOOOOTTTTTT" and in the middle of the word, she drops her voice an octave or so and adds some 'gravelin' in there... it is hilarious... Now, don't you agree that this is a little advanced for a 2 year old? Apparently not these days...

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Haley said...

Love the Grace funny. Very advanced in her little attitude/verbal skills. I have a feeling it might NNOOOOTT be so funny for too long however.