Thursday, April 16, 2009

$5.99 and a few hours......

I had a great day yesterday with mom and the girls... We did some bargain shopping at my new favorite place: The Goodwill Outlet. This is one of the (many) things I found.... An over-sized Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair for less than $6! One might say "Well,'s pretty stained and last time I checked, none of your kids are named Kaitlyn!" No Problem! I just appliqued over it!
I think it turned out pretty cute. When I get tired of this, I can always order a new slipcover...(on sale, of course...) the insert alone is $90- without a slipcover!
I told Chris last night that I was his answer to a bad economy (well, God first and then me...) I hate to brag, but what can I say...? I'm just good.

Just a side note: I spent around $20 and got 2 mens shirts, 3 shirts for me, 3 outfits for Harper, a few things for Grace, this chair, 4 pillow covers, 2- 26 x26 pillow covers, a purse for Grace, an awesome Fossil tote that looks like it's never been used, a sweater...and some adidas work out shorts. (I may be missing a few things...) But can you believe it?


katie said...

Dude!...I want to go too!!
(Oh and I 100% agree about you being your family's answer to a bad fact you've taught me so much about bargain hunting and coupon clipping I think you might be my family's as well!)

Sarah said...

Wow!! That is impressive! I saw those chairs in the magazine and was wondering who in their right mind pays that much for a mini chair!! It looks super cute! Wonder if they have goodwill outlets in TX