Sunday, April 19, 2009

Panties Please

Yesterday Grace and I went on a little shopping adventure. We both had on dresses. First stop was Best Buy. If you know anything about best buy on the weekends, it is populated with tons of men. I was picking up a copy of Photoshop and had found that had a better price. We were at the service desk getting a price match when Grace decided that she wanted to look at my bottom...! Yes, that's what I said... So, up my dress flew! I quickly caught it so as not to show my entire butt to the men in best buy...about that time Grace says very loudly: "MOM, you don't have on any PANTIES!?"
My face was turning beet red, and I answered... "Yes, Grace, Mommy has on panties, thank you." and she responds: "Why you not have on panties? Where is your bottom.... I see it?..."
There is a rather large, hairy man behind us in line and I did not make eye contact wit him, but I could hear him chuckling under his breath. We finished our transaction and walked out. My eyes were glued to the floor. The entire walk to the door, Grace would not stop asking why I did not have on panties... I was totally embarrassed... as we walk out the door, of course, the alarm sounds! The security guy just waves us through, trying not to bust out laughing himself.

As we were driving to another store, I told Grace that it wasn't polite to pull up mommy's dress in public, and that it wasn't necessary for her to look at my bottom.... and that we shouldn't talk about panties for everyone to hear... She polietly says, "OK, mom..."

We shopped around for a few minutes, picked out Chris some shorts, and were in line to check out. Grace turns to the lady behind us and says..."Do YOU have on panties...?"

She polietly answers, "Yes, I do have on panties.... do you?"

Grace responds "NO, I don't wear panties." (but forgets to add that she still wears a diaper) "Mommy doesn't have on any panties either..."

"YES, Grace, I DO have on panties....and remember, it isn't polite to talk about panties in public....and no, you can't look at my bottom, thank you."

(The lady just died laughing.....thankfully.)


haley said...

this is hysterical and belongs in a chickensoup for mothers book or that new show about mothering or something of the sort...fromt he mouths of babes :)

Chelle said...

I do believe that is the funniest story I have ever read. Oh that Grace...and now, I shall call you "commando"! LOL!

katie said...

HAH!!! So its not just boys who are obsesses with all things related to the body and embarrassing to mommy!?

Lindsay J said...

I have to admit reading this made me laugh out loud! I so needed that laugh too! It sounds like little miss Grace is a hand full but too cute!