Friday, April 3, 2009

Ann's Outfit and Belly Laughs...

Before she died, Chris' mom hand picked baby gifts for all of her children's children...Isn't that precious? I have always been touched by the fact that she shopped for and picked out something that she thought was beautiful and special for each of them. I will always cherish the gift.

It's Harper's turn to be photographed in the little outfit! I am going to put up a couple pictures of her in it, and also 2 of Grace wearing it. They are almost exactly the same age in the pictures... maybe a week or two apart. Do you think they look alike?

Also, just for documentation sake, Harper had her first real belly laugh this week. Tuesday night (March 31) she busted out laughing while watching Grace act crazy! Chris was holding her at the time, so we all got to hear and see it! It was adorable. I ran to get the video camera, but by the time I got back she'd stopped! Of course!

The one above and below are Grace Ann at the same age (around 3 months).

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