Monday, April 27, 2009

Walmart Faux Pas

Today is shopping day in our household... groceries... blah. We went to Walmart, the one-stop-shop. Why do I do this???... as something always goes wrong!

Grace loves the carts with the 2 kid seats on the front, so we got one... she can get in and out as she pleases, so we set up some ground rules: "If you stay in your seat the whole time, you can help me check out when we are done!" (Self Check-Out, a wonderful thing... when a 2 year old can do it, you really wonder about those people who have to call for help 100 times... another story...)

Anyways, to keep herself entertained throughout the store, Grace decides to say "HEEYYYY" to everything. For example; "Hey pudding! Hey corn! Hey lobsters! Hey cookies!..." -you get the idea, she is waving and the whole shebang.

We get to the do-it-yourself line and she has been wonderfully good the whole time, so I tell her that she can unbuckle herself and get out of the cart to help me check out. Meanwhile, there is another mom across from us with 2 kids buckled into the front of the cart, I overheard her tell them that they could NOT get out.

Grace is happily climbing down, and notices some lollipops behind the buggy with the trapped kids in it.... Not really noticing the kids, Grace yells: "HEEYYYYY SUCKERS!" (pronounced: suckaaaaas!) while waving with 2 hands, right in the direction of the children across the way.

I don't think I've ever been given a look like this woman gave me... I did not explain...

she probably gave her children a lecture in the car on the way home about 'those kind of people.'

Oh well, I thought it was hilarious.