Sunday, April 12, 2009

Goose Eggs......Um, I mean Easter Eggs

Look at that shiner! What a lovely time to receive your first facial injury...right? The night before Easter Sunday! Oh well, it had to happen sometime. Grace got a little too excited about finding Easter eggs with her cousins and forgot that there were 2 steps she had to go down before hitting level ground... Well, she fell eye first on the aggregate sidewalk. OUCH. Poor thing, she had a mini meltdown, but got over it enough to pick up some eggs later in the evening.
I did wake her every 2 hours through the night just to make sure the swelling wasn't too much and she didn't have a concussion. But she seems to be fine.
Here's our first matching outfit picture. I just happened upon a small version of a smocked dress that grace had... it was on clearance, so I got it for Harper... and look how cute they look!

Along with the Easter celebration, we also celebrated Mary Tom's (Chris' great-great aunt I think) 102nd birthday... YEP, that would be 1-0-2.... can you believe it?

Lovin' on Harps...

Love this little lamb outfit

And the elusive family picture. This may be the first one we've taken since Harper was born.


emily patridge said...

they look adorable in their matching dresses; makes me think of all of the new easter dresses i had as a little girl!

Chelle said...

Her poor sweet face!!! Such a cute family you all are.